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Kinotech Corporation was established in April 2002 by Dr. Yoshihiro Kino under his prospectus of incorporation that the company would provide the state of the art technology and products helpful for frontier research and development.

Since 2005, the company had been, among other things, concentrating on the development of the Zinc Reduction Process (Du Pont Process )technology to produce Polysilicon used as a raw materials for Crystal Silicon Solar Battery and in Jan. of 2008, concluded joint development agreement with a certain chemical company in Japan . However , because of uncertain feasibility of the Polysilicon project in respect of economical competitiveness to the conventional process , the company have decided to suspend the project and now have been seeking new business fields making use of our Electrolysis Process. Now the company are looking for the partners having an interests to develop New manufacturing process of Zinc Ingot using Molten Salt Electrolysis .

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President Shuji Mori

Corporate Profile

Company name Kinotech Corporation
Established April 4, 2002
President Shuji Mori
Capital Japanese Yen 49,589,487-
TEL +81-080-2087-0769
Address c/o Tax office Fields , 5 th floor , Second Toyo Building
2-1 Nihonbashi 2 Chome , Chuou-ku ,Tokyo , Japan
Bank Mitsubishi-Tokyo-UFJ Bank, Akasakamitsuke Branch
Shareholders Management and Staffs

The Production Process from EAF dust to Electric Zinc Ingot

We have succeeded to make Zinc ingot (99.99%) from EAF dust of steel industry. The manufacturing process are EAF dust - Crude Zinc Oxide - Crude Zinc Chloride - Molten Salt Electrolysis - Zinc Ingot.

Zn from ZnO
analysis data Zn Refinery Featuer

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